10 months

10 months

Leland turned 10 months old on the 4th of April. To say we adore him is an understatement.

He's WALKING and loves laughing. His timing with his laughs really have us thinking he understands our jokes, or at least is flattering us. His favorite things to do with his new walking ability is picking up things and then bringing things from room to room around our home. Mom likes to think he's got a future in interior design by all the practice he's getting. He loves brushing his own four teeth, so maybe a future in dentistry, as dad predicts. 

He loves giving hugs throughout the day and even came up to us to give us kisses a few times. It's quite amazing when he does that. Our hearts melt!

He can't get enough strawberries, pears and little bits of garlic cheese bread.

He squeals in delight whenever he see's Oma and Opa's dog Scooby and cries whenever his dad goes to his office to work.

He's the cutest and happiest person we know and we're lucky to be his mommy and daddy!