Patio Garden

Patio Garden

Our custom picnic table is done! It turned out so beautiful!

Thanks to all of Michael's hard work designing and making the wood perfect for the table by cutting, painting, staining and sanding it all, we now have the perfect place to sit and relax on our patio. It even matches the design of the interior of our home. Being able to see his work come together is such a joy and it's awesome being surrounded by things you made yourself and worked so hard on. 

The table was made to fit a glass tabletop Michael bought when he was just a teenager. Being able to add old elements into the new elements of the table turned out great.

After weeks of Michaels' work, this weekend we had a family assembly day where Jenn's parents and their dog Scooby came over to help work on the project. While the guys worked, Jenn made vanilla pudding with raspberries and thanks to the luscious spearmint growing in the garden, we were able to garnish the pudding with the leaves. Talk about a Home & Garden accomplishment- eveyrone was enjoying the fruits of our labor on the table we made ourselves. Pretty cool!


"A house is made of walls and means, a home is made of love and dreams" - Unknown